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Die Tooling
Cold Form Extrusion Dies & Punches
Warm Form Extrusion Dies & Punches
Part Flow development & studies

Machine Design
Assembly Machines
Redesign equipment w/ quick change
Automatic Load & Unload systems
Manual Load & Unload systems
Ergonomic Assembly Tools
Design & Build Control Panels
Machine Programming & Controls
Machine Refurbishing & Retrofit

Holding Fixtures, Jigs
CNC Holding Fixtures, Turn and Mill
Improve current fixtures
Hand Tools
Broach Tools
Cutting Tool design
Tool setting gages
Automation of current operations
Gages (Variable & Attribute)
Spline gages
Fixture Type--Multi Indicators
True Position
Fixture Type-Functional
Holding Fixtures for CMM
Plug & Ring Gages-Go / No Go
Template & Flush Pin
Electronic Gages
Air Gages

Operator Aides
Visual and Graphic Pictorials
Charts and Graphs
Control Plans
Manufacturing Process Sheets
Tool Routings
Flow Diagrams
Stock Removal Charts

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