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D & D Design/Alabama, Inc. was formed in March of 2002, following 21 years of experience providing quality engineering and design service to our customers in various manufacturing areas.  We have design and build capabilities in the areas of warm & cold form extrusion tooling, jigs, fixtures, cutting tools, hand tools, gages, special machines or existing machine alterations, control panels, machine programming and controls, machine refurbishing and retrofit.

Because of our expertise, we have established a reputation for providing a valuable service to automotive and other industries.

We utilize AutoCAD, Unigraphics, ProE and Solid Edge for our 2D & 3D engineering software.

As a small business, we are fully registered through the Central Contractor Registration database to perform government contracts.

We will be glad to provide design quotes or design and build quotes per entire project.

Providing engineering design & build services or design only in many fields.

Die Tooling
Machine Design
Operator Aides

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